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Titz’n Glitz has teamed up with CanadaHelps to provide Titz'n Glitz supporters with their own personal fundraising pages. You can set a fundraising goal, keep track of donations you've received, post a photograph, and send out e-mails to all of your contacts with a link to your web page. It's easy to set up, safe and secure for you and your donors

Commemorate any occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, memorial) through which your friends and community can donate to Titz’n Glitz online via your own campaign. If you would rather have people offer gifts to support Titz’n Glitz to honour your special event, make it easy for them with a Giving Page.

Become a Bra Buster and Create a Giving Page Now (Don’t forget to designate Titz'n Glitz as your charity!)

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Once you have created your Giving Page, you are given a custom URL that will bring donors to your Giving Page. You can use your own email software to send a message to your friends, family and supporters, or you can use the CanadaHelps emailing tool. You can also share the link on your website, Facebook, Twitter, blog page.

Donors are emailed the tax receipt as a secure PDFs once payment has been made and will require that the donor have Adobe Reader installed.

Share our Giving Pages

Toonies Givong Page You don't have to start your own campaign. Share the links to other Titz'n Glitz Giving Pages. One of the most powerful actions you can take is to tell others that you support the work of Titz'n Glitz.

Here's a link for our Toonies for Ta Ta's Campaign that you can share (just copy the URL)

Email us the link to your Giving Page and we'll add it to the site!


Titz'n Glitz

Funds raised though Titz'n Glitz events provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

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Event Video

Titz'n Glitz does not allow gala events to be video taped or photographed with the exception of the our event photographer. However, in 2003, permission was gven to film the Gala event held in Halifax as part of a documentary. Below is a video piece reflecting the event at that time .

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All funds received are used to benefit breast cancer patients in financial need within Nova Scotia. All donations to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) are greatly appreciated.

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