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Titz'n Glitz is a powerful "Women Only"; breast cancer fundraiser. It is a celebration for our friends, our neighbours and people we love. It is for those who have fought the disease and won, those who are fighting the fight, and those who have fought and didn't make it. It's an evening of camaraderie and compassion in C cups!
First and foremost, Titz'n Glitz is for women only. 
Second, it is one of the few costume events held with women dressing up for the Udderly Wonderful Awards. 
Third, the money raised does NOT FUND RESEARCH. Instead, the money is used to help those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer that are in financial need. 
Titz'n Glitz began in 1995 as a party in the home of founder Margo Kerr. She had to sell tickets for another breast cancer fundraiser ...a hard sell at $100 a piece. So, she held a party and called it Titz'n Glitz. With 75 really fun friends, she requested $25 from each attendee, raffled those tickets at the end of the evening...and made $1,500. 

It wasn't planned to be an annual event; however, the following year, four women in her neighbourhood were diagnosed with breast cancer. Two of those women have since lost their fight. They are dearly missed. 

Titz'n Glitz continues to be an edgy celebration in support of close friends. The women who attended the second gathering wore decorated bras and other decadent costuming, painted their breasts and left a press-a-breast wall in Margo's basement, and danced and ate into the wee hours of the morning.'s a term of endearment that Margo's father sometimes used on her mother, Margaret, who rarely leaves the house without a flashy fashion statement: "C'mon Miss Titz'n Glitz...let's roll!" .
Each city's event is scheduled at a different time. Please check your local organization for more information
Titz'n Glitz raises money through the sale of our Event tickets, Titz'n Glitz Calendars, Titz'n Glitz Merchandise, Our fabulous Community and Corporate Bra Busters and "Toonies for Ta Ta's"a. During our gala evening, the Silent Auction and live auction of the Press-a-Breast canvas (created during the evening of the event) is a crowd favorite. Of course, our "A" to "DD" Cup sponsors make our cups runneth over by contributing financially, donating products, services and their very precious time. Without our sponsors (and fabulous volunteers, of course), this event just wouldn't be what it has become.
On a national basis, Titz'n Glitz has raised over $1 million since 1995.
The money supports breast cancer patients in short term financial need by paying for items such as childcare while at chemotherapy treatment, or for a weekend respite, drugs that are not covered by insurance, and more. The point is to help take some of the stress out of an already stressful situation and foster the healing process with short term financial aid. Titz'n Glitz does NOT fund research.
In Canada, 1 in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime . However, the ratio in Nova Scotia, where Titz'n Glitz began, is 1 in 8. For more statistical information, please visit the Canadian Cancer Society's website
This is a tradition that began at the first Titz'n Glitz party, in Margo Kerr's family home, where visitors were invited to 'paint and press' breast prints on the basement wall. The sheer outrageousness of the idea had the women snorting with laughter. Thus, the Press-A- Breast Wall was born-later to become "Press-A-Breast on Canvas." This canvas is now auctioned off at the end of each Titz'n Glitz event and has been successful at contributing much needed funding for our cause.
We remain women only because it is the way we began. We are not the United Nations and we aren't here to please everyone. Remaining an all women event is what continues to make us unique as an event. In addition, our demographics appeal to sponsors who want to reach a solid female audience. Remaining a women-only event does not limit the extension or intention of our work. The funds raised are available to ALL breast cancer survivors in need - women AND men. There are many men who are involved with the planning of the event. Our love and caring extends far beyond the walls of our event to men with breast cancer, to surviving families and loved ones. However, men do not sit on the organizing committees.
It's a fabulous girl's night out, an extraordinarily good time, a chance to be loud, proud and female! Women are less inhibited, they feel free to let loose, celebrate their fears and cry their tears for those fighting for their life or for those we have already lost to this unpredictable disease. While the event has remained "women-only," the ripple effect of pure goodness has touched and effected many people beyond the event itself ...including men. Everyone leaves feeling empowered to make a positive difference...and we have seen this so many times. Men taking survivor's kids to hockey practices, cutting their lawns, shoveling their snow...and others bringing meals, cards, books, wine In the's about love, caring and decency.
Titz'n Glitz was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, however, permission to host a Titz'n Glitz event has been granted in past years to Fredericton, New Brunswick; Banff Alberta, Whitehorse in The Yukon and Collingwood, Ontario. All have had financial success with their events.
Yes. The trademark for Titz'n Glitz is held by the On The Front Line Society in Halifax. They hold the responsibility to ensure the ethics, branding, integrity and unique qualities of Titz'n Glitz will be ensured with each new event. Groups may apply for permission to host a Titz'n Glitz event in their city.
The trademark for Titz'n Glitz is held by the On The Front Line Society in Halifax. They hold the responsibility to ensure the ethics, branding, integrity and unique qualities of Titz'n Glitz will be ensured with each new event. Contact information for hosting an event is found on the Titz'n Glitz Website.
  • Check out the Titz'n Glitz web site for more information
  • Buy a ticket to an event
  • Create your own Bra Buster fundraiser or collect Toonies for Ta Ta's in your area
  • Join other extraordinary women on an organizing committee in your neighborhood and volunteer your time.
  • Bring together a dynamic group of dedicated women to host an event in your city.
We are fortunate to have many committed volunteers, year after year. Depending upon the volunteer's duties, the time commitment varies. Occasionally, we do have openings and always welcome new ideas and energy.
Check you local event's site for a listing of their sponsors.
Great choice of words! But seriously, individuals all have their own reasons for attending. Whether you want a little moral support for your own struggle with breast cancer; you want to show support to someone else; or even if you just want to "party with a purpose" and have a great girls' night out, then this event fits the bill. Plus, we're pretty sure no other event gives women the opportunity to be more creative, more outrageous or have more fun than Titz'n Glitz!
Pretty much anything loud, proud, fun and female! First of all, everyone is encouraged to come in costume; so, use your imagination. We have "Udderly Wonderful Awards" for the most creative and outrageous team and individual costumes. Most of all, you can expect to have a great time, no matter what you're wearing. There'll be lots of wonderful hors d'oeuvres, plenty of beverages at the several cash bars, a silent auction, a candlelight ceremony, music and much more.
As you enter the event, in the line up, you can be sure that the media are well on at that stage, it is up to you what you allow...we only have control of what happens after you enter the doors of the event where there is NO media permitted. We ask the media to respect the spirit of the event and the privacy of the attendees. Photography is allowed only with the consent of the subject, and only female photographers are allowed.
We're certainly not trying to be offensive. However, if we're raising a few eyebrows AND raising some money then it's "mission accomplished." We hope that people will see our event as having not only a very serious purpose, but also a great sense of humour. The name may shock some people; but it is not nearly as shocking as a doctor telling you that you have breast cancer.
It was with great trust that Tasha Ryan, a Nova Scotia documentary film maker was granted approval by the 2000/2001 Titz'n Glitz committee to produce a documentary about the Halifax Titz'n Glitz event. For three years, Tasha filmed the gala event, the committee, meetings and our friends, neighbours and people we love. Tasha Ryan is solely responsible for this documentary. She and her crew agreed they would remain sensitive, respectful and responsible to the event, its organizers and its participants. Tasha is the only person ever granted permission to enter a Titz'n Glitz event with a video camera due to the sensitivity of the evening and those involved in it. We hope your documentary will inspire other like events and a ripple effect of good will. Click here to view the video. For information about the documentary, please contact Tasha Ryan at

Titz'n Glitz

Funds raised though Titz'n Glitz events provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

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Titz'n Glitz does not allow gala events to be video taped or photographed with the exception of the our event photographer. However, in 2003, permission was gven to film the Gala event held in Halifax as part of a documentary. Below is a video piece reflecting the event at that time .

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All funds received are used to benefit breast cancer patients in financial need within Nova Scotia. All donations to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) are greatly appreciated.

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