Toonies For Ta Ta's

Get involved with Titz’n Glitz Toonies for Ta Ta’s Campaign!

Each year people generously dig into their pockets, wallets and purses to donate Toonies
to our jug-carrying Titz'n Glitz Costume Clad women (and men) on the streets.
A special TITZ UP THANK YOU goes out to our volunteers and the many businesses that
allowed access to their facilities during the campaign. 

Your business or organization can also get involved.

Please email for more information!

All funds collected are in support of our primary fund On the Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) for Nova Scotia breast cancer survivors in financial need.

More than $25,000 has been raised since the Toonies for Ta Ta's campaign was started in 2005!

A special TITZ UP THANK YOU goes to the the
many businesses that allow access to their
facilities during this campaign.

Titz'n Glitz

Funds raised though Titz'n Glitz events provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

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Event Video

Titz'n Glitz does not allow gala events to be video taped or photographed with the exception of the our event photographer. However, in 2003, permission was gven to film the Gala event held in Halifax as part of a documentary. Below is a video piece reflecting the event at that time .

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All funds received are used to benefit breast cancer patients in financial need within Nova Scotia. All donations to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) are greatly appreciated.

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