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On The Front Line Society and Titz’n Glitz NEEDS YOU!

On The Front Line Society and Titz’n Glitz continue to support breast cancer patients (BOTH women and men) going through treatment across this province and beyond since 1995.

The women’s only Titz’n Glitz event was not only BOLD and Ground Breaking, it has raised thousands of dollars for patients who are on the front line, fighting their fight with breast cancer. As many of you know, the money raised through this organization goes directly to patients in your community who are in treatment. That’s it!

It has been several years since our last Titz’n Glitz event. We would LOVE to bring back this Bawdy and Bodacious event, but we need YOUR help!

We BELIEVE strongly in the Society and its mission .... BUT …. in order for the Society (and Titz’n Glitz) to continue, we need new people as Board and Committee members, and this is where you come in.

We are reaching back into the community with the hope that you want it back too and as a result want to get INVOLVED!!

If you want to be part of an organization that works hard, is a lot of Fun and gives back to your community in a very meaningful way, then this is the place for you.


Please reach out to us by email at info@titznglitz.com to express your interest in joining the board or planning committee for Titz’n Glitz/On The Front Line.

Titz'n Glitz is a powerful breast cancer fundraiser, for women only, to support friends, neighbours and people they love who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Started in Halifax, the TnG event is a roller coaster ride of fun, emotion, art and camaraderie that encompasses everything from cocktails, eats and girl chat, to moving personal stories and a spectacular parade of costumes.


Titz'n Glitz Halifax is a project of the On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund). Funds raised though the gala event, other TnG fundraiser, donations and our wonderful Bra Busters provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need across Nova Scotia. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

Titz'n Glitz

Funds raised though Titz'n Glitz events provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

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Event Video

Titz'n Glitz does not allow gala events to be video taped or photographed with the exception of the our event photographer. However, in 2003, permission was gven to film the Gala event held in Halifax as part of a documentary. Below is a video piece reflecting the event at that time .

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All funds received are used to benefit breast cancer patients in financial need within Nova Scotia. All donations to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) are greatly appreciated.

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