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We are looking for Bra Bustin’ women with big hearts, mighty brains and great ethics as well as enthusiasm and commitment to offer the Steering Committee. Bring leadership to one of the posititons listed below and be part of the Titz'n Glitz Support Line!

Titz’n Glitz Organizing Committee Positions

The following is a list of positions that make up the Titz’n Glitz organizing committee, along with very brief descriptions . Each of these leadership positions require great organizational skills and leadership abilities as well as excellent skills in working as a team. It is imperative that each leadership position have a sense of responsibility and accountability for their positions. Typically, each leadership position recruits a team to work with them.To ensure a successful event, each position requires a significant amount of time, commitment and accountability. The reward is that we raise lots of money to help breast cancer patients going through treatment across Nova Scotia.

Come on ladies….slap on that support, tighten those bra straps and join Titz’n Glitz!

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The Event Chair is responsible for the recruitment and management of the event’s organizing committee which includes several committee chairs. You are a candidate with strong leadership abilities as well as excellent interpersonal, organizational, marketing and budgeting skills. Experience in the charitable sector is an asset but not required, You are able to work on your own initiative and work well within a “team” setting.
This position is responsible for all aspects of finance for Titz’n Glitz and the On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) including budgets and the disbursement of funds.
This position overseas all aspects for the sale and distribution of the Titz’n Glitz calendar. The position is not responsible for the design or production of the calendar.
The main objective of the decorating committee is to create an environment for the event that says “WOW”. It should evoke fun and interaction while stimulating a sense of willingness to help the cause. Must be able to recruit and manage a team.
Responsible for obtaining food sponsors and /or working with venue staff for the event to ensure menus are selected and all requirements for the evening are met. Co-ordinates with the Decor chair
Designs everything Titz’n Glitz! such as newspaper ads, posters, TnG calendars, sponsorship package and much more.
This position co-ordinates with various groups in the community to bring awareness and attention to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund).
This Chair looks after the setting up and taking down of all materials for the event.
Drafts and coordinates the event PR plan and manages media relationships. Assists in the development of marketing materials that will be used by Titz’n Glitz to promote the event and On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund).
The Production Chair is responsible all matters related to the production of the event including , recruitment of all design of the program, stage management and. the provision of appropriate light/sound for the event. Must have excellent negotiation and organization skills.
Press-a-Breast is a relatively self-sufficient “event within the event” which requires minimal advance preparation and committee meetings. Women paint their breasts in private and press them to a canvas which is later auctioned to raise funds on event night. It is a lot of fun, and can be light-hearted and heart-warming all at the same time.
This chair requires the individual to solicit organizations for donated prizes valued between $20-$70. These are later used on event night to sell in our Balloon Pop. This position works closely with the Silent Auction and Sponsorship Chairs.
Attends all meetings and takes minutes. Must keep accurate records. Works with the Event Chair as needed. i.e.) Mail outs, writing thank you cards etc.
The responsibilities of the Silent Auction Chair are extensive and require the ability to solicit companies for donations for the Titz’n Glitz Silent Auction. Must be able to recruit, train and manage a team. Great organizational skills a necessity for this position. Works closely with the Sponsorship and Balloon Pop chairs.
The responsibilities of the Sponsorship Chair are extensive, with a high level of accountability. Great leadership is needed with the ability to solicit companies and organizations for cash donations. Must be able to recruit, train and manage a team. This position works closely with the Silent Auction and Balloon Pop Chairs
This chair is required to look after all aspects of putting together the ticket packages and/or works with a ticket vendor. to sell tickets for the event, distributes posters across the province and looks after sales the night of the event. Must be able to put a team together.
This chair is responsible of all aspects of the Titz’n Glitz merchandise including securing new products as well as selling products at various functions and the web site.
Toonies for Ta Ta’s is a fundraising blitz that challenges businesses and individuals to collect money throughout the community for On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund). The chair (co-chair) is responsible for organizing this activity including marketing the event, liaison with corporate and community participants, and the collection and reporting on funds raised. Excellent organizational skills are a must.
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The Udderly Wonderful Awards are a long-standing part of Titz’n Glitz. Most women arrive at the event in a costume. Groups are photographed and entered in the costume contest. The winner is announce at the end of the evening. This Chair coordinates the taking of each groups photograph and oversees the voting.
This Chair is responsible to recruit volunteers where needed throughout the committee; coordinates and oversees volunteers the night of the event.
This chair is responsible for all aspects of the TnG web site including design and regular updates. This Chair also maintains the groups email distribution list and send out communications.
These are volunteers who would prefer not to take on a leadership role or may have limited time to give. We need your help for ...
  • Coat Check
  • Clean Up Crew at Event Time
  • Booby Bag Stuffers
  • Sign Holders
  • Toonie Collectors on Toonies For Ta Ta Day
  • Ticket Takers
  • ...and many Udder spots!!

Titz'n Glitz

Funds raised though Titz'n Glitz events provide short term financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Titz'n Glitz does not fund research.

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Event Video

Titz'n Glitz does not allow gala events to be video taped or photographed with the exception of the our event photographer. However, in 2003, permission was gven to film the Gala event held in Halifax as part of a documentary. Below is a video piece reflecting the event at that time .

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All funds received are used to benefit breast cancer patients in financial need within Nova Scotia. All donations to On The Front Line Society (breast cancer fund) are greatly appreciated.

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